Saturday, 13 July 2013


Time for Arts and Crafts - Glow Jars

What do you need?
- Mason jars
- Glow sticks 
- Scissors
- Rubber Gloves 
& just glasses that can protect your eyes!

Alright, here you go!

Above -
Cut the Glow Sticks, Please do not forget your gloves and safety sunglasses!
Below -
Splattered around the cut off Glow Sticks around the Mason Jar! 

Above - 
Splattered it all over and leave the thin piece in the mason jar, once the glow sticks run out.
Use your safety gloves and just shake the thin piece out to the garbage! 

Bring over the well splattered glow sticks mason jar into a dark room and there you go! A room full of glow mason jars. There you go, Magical night and fun props for wedding dinner, a night of fun or just arts and crafts with your loved ones.