Monday, 18 March 2013

The weekend adventure!

So it was an Adventure over the weekend!
Actually went up Kuala Lumpur for the Awesome Future Music Festival 2013, Sepang.
An adventure that was beyond what we could have ask for, right girls?

2DAYS worth of Fun, Loud Music, Laughters, Hugs, DANCING! SHOUTING, SCREAMING! SINGING ALONG! 

A state of trance was massive! For the 2nd time (1st was Zoukout 2009), Armin Van Buuren blew it off with 5 other Lords. All who came in the name of trance came as a family! It was beautiful to share the space together with everyone!

On the beauty of 2nd day, FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL ASIA. The day all of us were waiting for. I personally came for Temper Trap! Bloc Party! FUN! Rita Ora! Prodigy!! Basically we were all over at all different stage and having a hell lots of fun!

Future Music Festival Asia, your one truly awesome event!